Elizabeth Bellhouse

dedicated her life, from the age of sixteen, to try and ensure nature once again flourished and became whole.



The Foundation

Vita Fons II





To achieve her goal Elizabeth Bellhouse developed three different Preparations : Exultation of Flowers, Vita Florum and Vita Fons II.

When she was sixteen Elizabeth experienced: (1) being part of the Oneness; (2) the total perfection of Creation; and (3) nature’s (then current) distress and cry for help and finding herself in the presence of God promised to do what she could to heal nature.  The promise, and experiences, set the course of her future life.

Twenty two years later Elizabeth heard the words : if you could do away with the need of diagnosis what a blessing it would be.   Within minutes she understood how to make Exultation of Flowers.

After about five years Elizabeth began making ‘special’ potencies which resulted three years later in Vita Florum : a preparation which helps on the Spiritual, rather than on the psychological, level.

Twenty seven years passed before Elizabeth realised she could make potencies which better help man reach for Spiritual fulfilment, a condition man has to acquire if nature is to flourish and become whole.  Three years later Vita Fons II became available.

a kirlian photo of a drop of water supplied by Elizabeth's local water authority

a kirlian photo of a drop of Elizabeth's local water authority's water encoded with her work